Revealed: the secret c-p-m-a-system that banked me $547,260 Through Instagram™ before i turned 19 as well as hundreds of thousands of followers!
the secret c-P-M-A-system that banked me $547,260 Through Instagram™ before i turned 19 as well as hundreds of thousands of followers!
works even without Spending a $ on paid ads Or Showing Your face!
Works Even Without:  Spending a $ on Ads or showing yourself!

  Watch How It Works

"I  leveraged the  CPMA-System to Fulfill many of my dreams , Like Living In Dubai and staying In The tallest Hotel Of The World For Months"
- Valentino Vanyi

Built 150,000+ FollowersFulfilled my dreams, and booked in $547,260 before i turned 19.

And now, I'm going to show you how you can "Steal" my exact strategy.

''The highest paying investment is in yourself!'' - Warren Buffet
For the first time ever, i'm going to reveal the secret key to my success.

in the next few minutes, Your days of struggling to make money are finally going to end for good.

i've shared this System with a number of regular people with no special talent or skills.

And their success is so consistent and reliable, there's almost no way you can fail.

Sounds like a load of B.S?

Just keep reading and you'll be surprised.

what is the CPMA System?

The CPMA system is exclusively used by the top 1% of Instagram pages.

But they're extremely careful to not let everyone else find out about it.


Because they want to stay in the top 1% while everyone else continues to struggle with growth.

It's such a shame that the greedy top dogs keeping the most effective Instagram growth strategy to themselves.

But not anymore!

Because now I'm about to share the secret to insane growth!

But before I do, there's something you should know about me...

Before I started my Theme Page I was broke, depressed, and always skipped school... 

I grew up without a lot of money because my parents were raising 3 kids.

They had such high educational expectations for me, and it put me under so much pressure.

They believed that the only way I'd have a good life is if I got unrealistically good grades.

But to their disapproval, I was consistently bringing home C's and D's.

All I ever wanted to do was make my parents proud of me.

So I worked harder than I ever have before.

I studied for hours, did all my homework, and even stayed after class for extra help.

I worked myself to the point of exhaustion to try to improve my grades.

But it was pointless. My grades were still pathetic. And I felt totally defeated.

Every night I would cry myself to sleep
because I couldn't stand my life anymore!

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't excel at anything and felt like a complete disappointment to my parents.

so I started skipping school because it was causing me so much stress.

I felt trapped in the system with no chance of escaping.
Here 11 sales I made as a complete newbie worth $200 on average.....

Keep reading and learn how i did it with the C-P-M-A System!

The System Failed And Me And I Became Depressed

I saw myself being a slave to a 9-5 job for the rest of my life...

The same boring lifestyle that my parents found themselves in.

They would always go on about how stressful and dull their lives had become due to their jobs.

They both worked hard and did their best to provide a good life for us, but it seemed impossible for them to get ahead.

Every day they would suffer in quite desperation.

Spending all day in their cubicle at work, just counting the seconds until they get to go home.

I realized that I desperately needed to find a way to break free from the system.

I simply couldn't allow myself to fall in the same trap that my parents and so many other people find themselves in.

I had dreams that I wanted to fulfil in my life.
I dreamt of:
  • Making an actual difference in the world. 
  • Travelling the world with the people I love.
  • Supporting my family and buying them a house.
  • ​Staying in an awesome place with a view of the sea.
  • And making money doing what I love.
But I barely had any money in my bank account...
I dreaded Thursdays the most. Those were the days I had to deliver newspapers.

It pissed me off to put in 8 hours of hard work for a measly $100.

Every time I worked, I fantasized what it would be like to quit my job and start my own business.
So I started searching for the fastest and easiest way to make money online.

I tried a lot of things, but they were either too complicated or too risky...

I was upset, but I was determined to find a way.

And then I saw him.

I was scrolling through Instagram when someone caught my eye. 

His bio said he lived in Dubai and was only 18 years old.

He had pictures with his Lambo and other amazing things I could only dream of. 

I consumed everything on his account and found out he made his fortune with Instagram™.

 I wanted NEEDED to know his secrets.

I realized that building a following is the key to making money online.

And the fastest and easiest way to get a huge following, is through an Instagram™ theme page.

Instagram was, and still is, the hottest social media platform in the world.

A theme page is kinda like a technical book that gives value about a certain niche/topic.

The goal is to attract as many people as possible that are interested in that topic.

and then sell something related to that niche...

So I started watching every video that I could find about building an Instagram theme page

After reading and watching a ton of blogs and videos, I started my very first theme page.

It was a great feeling, I had been depressed for so long, and now I could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.
So I started applying what I learned from those YouTube videos and started growing.

After one week I had a lousy 20 followers.

I thought to myself: "that can't be it, need a faster way."

I found out, the guy that inspired me, offered an e-book on growing an Instagram™ theme page.

It costed a lot, and I only had $100 from delivering newspapers.

I then realized that I simply couldn't afford it. But...

I then recognized the fact that I couldn't afford NOT to buy it.

I simply had to find a way to break out of the rat race.

Even if that meant spending every penny I had to my name on this e-book.

And the week after I had my first few hundred Followers.

I went absolutely insane...

I finally found something that actually worked!

But I decided I wanted to start fresh.

I came across a business theme page that I absolutely loved so I made one of my own.
At that time, I decided that I couldn't stand school anymore.

I stopped going until my parents had to sign the form saying I had officially dropped out.
My Parents Were Furious AND Threatened To Kick Me Out On The Street.
They shouted at me, I ran into my room, locked the door, and took out a pen and paper.

I wrote down: Valentino, you hurt your parents.

You need to prove them wrong.

So I talked to them once they finally calmed down and told them...

I'd prove to them within 5 months that I could make money with my Instagram™ theme page.

And if not, then I'd go back to school and live my life completely controlled by them!

They didn't like the idea, but they accepted it.
It was all or nothing. So I decided to give 100%,
So I kept searching and investing lots of money into myself over and over again.

But nothing really worked. My Theme Page was still small and I hadn't made a dime yet. 

265 sales within one month in december 2019!

Then I Found The

I started applying it and the same day I made my first high ticket sale!

It took a couple hours on my phone to make the same amount of money I would from a whole day of delivering newspapers.

My heart started pumping, excitement and adrenaline spread through my chest and it Felt amazing.

I felt like the king of the world.

I kept making more and more money with the system.

And that month something insane happened:

I made a whopping 265 sales from the System.

That month changed everything!
You know the craziest part about it?

I did it all without showing myself, and without spending a $ on paid ads, so it was all profit!

Due to the CPMA-system I started growing Insanely fast.

within 1 month i made over 200 sales...

It felt amazing, I finally I hit my goal to make more money than all my teachers.
And if that wasn't enough, I started implementing the other parts of the CPMA-System.

And within a few days, I started averaging 1000+ new followers per day on my theme page "businessdollar" (Now sadly disabled)!

I also got over 13000 Likes on one of my posts.

So Thanks To The CPMA-System I

  • Made over 10 high ticket sales in 30 days.
  • Started growing 1000+ followers a day.
  • Got Over 13000 Likes on one post.

And now for the best part...

Then I Fullfilled One Of My Dreams!

In that same month of December of 2019...

I went to Dubai and met the person who I bought the course from.

For the first time in my life, I was able to afford what I wanted to do, and didn't have to depend on my parents to buy me anything!
And as if that wasn't enough, life honored me for making money out of nothing and fulfilled another dream.

I stayed in a huge apartment with a full view of the sea, just like how I dreamed it.  
If a fat, unhealthy, broke, depressed and addicted boy can do this... you can do it too! 100%

Since I used the CPMA-System:

I generated thousands of sales and live life as I want instead of how others do!

And you know the best part about it?

When I work, I do it with passion, I feel amazing because I get the privilege to transform peoples lives.


  • Made thousands of sales.
  • Stayed in the world's highest hotel.
  • Live life on my own terms.
  • ​Make money with my passion.
  • ​Enjoy every second of my life.
  • ​Helped hundreds of people to grow a theme page that makes them money.
  • ​Traveled around the world.
  • ​Stayed in tons of expensive Hotels.
  • ​Moved away from my home country.
  • ​Built an investment portfolio.
  • Fulfilled countless dreams.
  • ​Tasted the "high life".
  • ​Met amazing people.
And all that thanks to my Instagram™ Theme Page

I was, and am, beyond grateful that not even an entire year after I was broke and depressed, I live the life of my dreams.

It only took me a year to figure it out. Now with my exact blueprint you can do it even faster!

And you know what, if a 17 year old depressed kid was able to do it then you can too!
This is the Gevora hotel, the tallest hotel of the world I stayed inside, at the moment I am still staying there.

And I can say one thing: It's awesome as shit!

All thanks to my instagram theme page.
This is me in a skyvilla in Dubai, I stayed there with a couple Millionaires...

And if tha was NOT enough the skyvilla actually had a "SkyPool" xD.

Was pretty awesome...

All thanks to my instagram theme page.
All these results I produced with the exact process that you'll learn shortly.

And guess what?

You have an unfair advantage that I never did.

I did it all without this blueprint.

I had to spend so much time and money trying to figure it all out on my own.

Now imagine just how much easier it will be for you know that you have the step by step guide.

This single system is worth millions. Why?

Because it's already made me, and all my students, well over a million dollars.

So if you feel the same way that I did about my job, and my life, and you want a way to build a profitable online business,

This is your opportunity to change your life for good.

Live the life that YOU want, instead of following everyone else.

Do yourself a favor and pay close attention, because if you implement the C-P-M-A-System and the Theme Page Masterguide 3.0 you'll be able to:
  • Build a massive following even while staying behind the scenes...
  • ​Make an income in a niche that you're passionate about... 
  • Have an online business that you can run from anywhere in the world...
  • Start generating sales/revenue ASAP... 
Here are just 2 Recent reviews after I had the Masterguide open for a week to my personal brand followers!

Now I've Become Completely Addicted...

You won't ever see me waving around a fat stack of cash.

Or driving in an extremely expensive super car.

Because honestly, none of those things even really interest me.

There's only one thing that I measure my success by...

And that is seeing win after win from the people I share my systems with.

You could say that I'm pretty much addicted to helping people escape their 9-5 and live their best lives.

There's simply no better feeling than waking up to people messaging me about how grateful they are after they used the systems I showed them.

And you know one of the biggest reason my students become successful?
Because almost nobody knows about the C-P-M-A-System.

This means once you learn it, you'll completely dominate your niche and build a huge following.

You'll soar pass your competitors and they'll be left wondering how on earth you grew so fast.
But enough about my results. Let me show you the results I was able to generate for my students and some feedback I received from my fellow entrepreneurs.

like Niklas Pedde:
"The Theme Page Masterguide 3.0 is worth millions"
I was able to learn a lot from Valentino about theme pages and his systems and processes are just amazing!

His Theme Page Masterguide 3.0, or to say it precisely, the systems and processes that he teaches are worth millions, even people that I've met like Tai Lopez™ use these systems and processes and make millions with them!
Or Leruo, who generated 1000+ sales...
"I grew to over 100,000 Followers in under 10% of the time it took me to get to 60,000 Followers"
I was stuck with my Theme Page but Valentino gave me his processes and Systems.

Afterwards I grew to over 100,000 Followers in under 10% of the time it took me to get to 60,000 Followers.

He helped me get incredible results. I've made thousands of sales with his systems and now I make thousands of sales with my page and I live my dreams!
Or Mario, who I taught the CPMA-System...
"He gave me his system and within 48h I generated 2 high ticket sales!..."
"I was extremely skeptical at first! I thought that there was no way it could be as effective as people were saying.

But the results left me simply speechless! I could barely believe my eyes!

I only had 600 followers when he gave me his system, and within 48h I was able to get 2 high ticket sales with it, I know it sounds to good to be true, but this guy is legit!

I can only recommend his systems and processes now, I've tried so many others and none of them even come close!"

That's The POWER Of Instagram Theme Pages!

I'm so proud of my clients, students, and business partners, for taking massive action and getting the results they've got this far.

And I know this is only the beginning of their success!

Now although I can't promise that you will have the same results as Mario, Leruo, Niklas, and my other students...

Here's what i can promise you:

It doesn't matter if you already have a theme page, or you want to start growing one now and change your life from zero...

With the "CPMA-System" and the processes from the Theme Page Masterguide, it's totally possible for you, I'm 100% certain of it!

It doesn't matter if you:

  • Are totally at zero right now.
  • ​Are just a teenager
  • Already have a Following.
  • ​Live in a small Country.
  • Are introverted and want to stay behind the scenes.
  • ​Have your own product or not.
  • ​Don't know anything about growing and monetizing Theme pages yet.
  • Only have a few minutes every day.
By implementing the "CPMA-System" and the Theme Page Masterguide 3.0, you'll be able to build a huge following on a theme page and turn it into a full-time online business

This Masterguide Is all You Will Ever Need!

It’s a process that I've simplified to the point where I could teach a 10 year old how to do it.

But I see so many other theme page owners constantly getting distracted…

Chasing the latest shiny object.

Binging every piece of content they can find on growing and monetizing a theme page.

And they end up doing a little bit of this...a little bit of that.

Soon, they're tearing out their hair with all the things they "have to" do.

They’re constantly busy keeping up with the latest new "tactic"

But their theme page stays stuck because they’re not even sure if any of it's actually working!

Look, you could do all that.

Most of your competitors do.

Or... you could focus on this one simple system that works.

No more wasted time.

No more lighting your money on fire buying a bunch of courses.

No more "try it and see" while praying to the Instagram algorithm gods.

Just picture, gaining a big following on your Theme Page in a niche that you're passionate about...  

People will flock to your theme page who share the same passion as you.

You'll build a connection with them and they'll happily pay top dollar for any product or service you offer.

This means you'll be able to spend more time with family and friends.

Because you work on your own schedule.

No bosses breathing down your neck all day or ordering you around.

No getting caught in rush hour traffic on the way home from work.

No more hourly wages that make it impossible to actually get ahead in life.

And how much revenue you generate is literally in your own hands...

You can scale this as big as you want, it's all up to you... 

What's the worst case scenario if you take action now?

You get the course, implement it, and nothing happens.

You decide this isn't something for you. Just simply write a message to support and get your money back, no questions asked.

But let's also look at the best case scenario...

Maybe you find this opportunity amazing.

You read through the guide.

Watch all the videos, implement everything, make a lot of sales and become my next big success story...

And then in 6 Months, you look back and think, "WOW, I'm so glad I decided to take action, this really changed my life drastically.

i created the Theme Page Masterguide 4.0 because...

A course just like this changed my life forever.

And that month was the moment I realized ANYTHING is possible! 

Once I realized that, I got more and more drive and achieved greater things!

Now I want you to have the possibility to have the same experience as me, but even more convenient than I had it. 

You now have the battle tested blueprint, and I want you to have your own full-time online business!

My life goal that I'm hell-bent on achieving, is to get as many people possible to create a full time income with Instagram theme pages.

That's why I created the Theme Page Masterguide 4.0!

Theme pages are what I owe my success to. And now it's my obligation to guide others to the same level of success.

With the Theme Page Masterguide 4.0, you'll get everything you need to do so!

I'll teach you step-by-step and give you my proven and tested system that ANYONE can use to achieve jaw-dropping results... 


NOT ENOUGH? You'll Also Get 7 FREE Bonuses Worth A Whopping $997!

And where does the value of these bonuses come from?

Look, I pay thousands of dollars a month for the top mentors and Instagram coaches in the world.

The information they teach has never been published before, and now you have access to them for FREE.

And If that's NOT Enough, you also get 7 Day FREE Access to the 100+ Video Lessons, which is a new and unreleased program from me...

In the 100+ Video lessons, you get 1 Video lesson per day.

These will reprogram your mind to be able to get anything you want out of life.

These lessons, or better said "steps to a millionaire mindset" that I'll share with you are not coming from me, but from a handful of the most successful people on the planet.

These bonuses alone have already made my students and I tens of thousands of dollars in the last 3 months. 

In the content creation video course will teach you strategies that are worth their weight in gold.

Content creation is essential to making money online, and you'll learn how to leverage and create that content to get thousands of likes every day.

And if all that wasn't enough. Just wait until you read this...

The Only Instagram Theme Page Program On The Planet...

That offers a 60-day Results Guarantee!

If you don't see massive follower growth and sales after implementation, then get 100% of your money back AND keep the course!

Just simply send me an email saying "I want my money back" and you will be refunded in full NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

In other words: This offer is completely risk free.

Don't just take my word, Listen to a few of my students, what they have to say about the Previous Versions of the masterguide !
 What the Theme Page masterguide 4.0 is nOT
I'm Not the type to beat around the bush, so I'll just give it to you straight. this course is NOT for everyone.

this course is NOT some sort of "magic pill". If you never actually Implement it, you simply won't get any results.

This Course is NOT a huge, bible-sized E-book that will bore you to sleep.

this course Is NOT some slapped together E-Book filled with fluff or fillerEvery word is crucial to becoming successful.

This course is NOT another E-Book you can get from just anyone or anywhere.

you simply won't find this information anywhere. Not on google and certainly not in any other course.
It's honest, easy to understand, and instantly applicable.
  • It's NOT  Written With Complicated Language.
  • It Is NOT  Unnecessarily Long.
  • ​It Is NOT Another E-Book That Gives You The Same Strategies You Can Just Find On YouTube.
  • NOT  Everybody Will Like It, As It's For Action takers.
  • ​It Is NOT A Get Rich Quick Scheme.
  • This Book will NOT magically make you money and followers. But If you apply it, especially the CPMA-System, you'll be able to grow a huge following on Instagram, even from scratch, and turn those followers into paying customers!
if you take a look at all those influencers on instagram™...

They live their dream life... 

drive cool cars, stay at cool places...

But Most Importantly, make money by doing what they love.

they all have one thing in common: they have a huge following.

and in todays world... in 2022... 

a theme page is the fastest and most convenient way to build a following, once you gain momentum, it grows itself through virality + you can stay fully behind the scenes.

it accelerates your results drastically.

because a theme page provides FREE value.

It attracts people that are already interested in the topic that your products are in!

Because they're so powerful, i created the Theme Page Masterguide 3.0, so you can leverage Theme Pages too! 

 It will show you step by step how you can grow a theme page from zero.

and the cool thing is that if you get your copy NOW, you get a bunch of awesome FREE bonuses that you will see below..

Here's A Quick Overview of what you will learn inside 
The Theme Page Masterguide 4.0:

  • You Will Understand Exactly ​How Growing A Instagram™ Following Works.
  • ​You Will Have A Proven System To Grow A Theme Page.
  • ​You Will Learn The Exact Process To Reach Millions Of People.
  • ​You Will Get Proven Ways To Dominate Your Niche.
  • ​You Get Updates If There Will Be Changes In The Instagram Algorithm.
  • ​You Get The Secret CPMA-System That Will Allow You To Build A Profitable Online Business.
  • ​And So Much More...

Summed up shortly:

the TPM-3.0 Is An Exact Actionplan Build on the steps i took to bank in $547,260 before 19:

It Will Allow You To Grow A Theme Page On Instagram,


 With It, You WILL Be Able To Run a Full-Time online business That's Scalable From Just Your Phone...

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    The ability to Build An audience of people to market to,

    and Growing a theme page is the most effective way to do this. 

    this is Because Instagram Is The Fastest Growing Platform, And You Can Still Grow Organically.

    Even Without Spending A Dollar On Ads.

    and the best thing about it...!?

    With a theme page, you can do so even while staying totally behind the scenes.

    my first Instagram™ theme page changed my life forever.

    it allowed me to generate enough profits to literally never enter a real 9-5 job.

    and to even travel the world at just 18 years old...

    and because it can change your life too, i created the Theme Page masterguide 4.0

    Here's a Longer list of cool things you will learn in the Theme Page Masterguide 4.0:

    What Students Of Valentino Say:

    Side Note:

    Businessdollar was my first theme page and the guide had a previous version called the Instagrammasterguide.

    Here are just a few of the cool things you will learn inside:

    • The power of an Instagram theme page and no matter where you are right now, how you can grow it.
    • How you can monetize your theme page.
    • How theme pages work and how my students and I already generated tens of thousands of sales!
    • ​The big picture that will be your guideline to your theme page success.
    • How to pick the right niche that you love and that you will totally dominate.
    • My exact process that you'll use to build a perfect name that fits your brand and boost your SEO on Instagram.
    • The perfect theme page bio formula that's easy to implement and that will make you more followers and turn your followers into potential customers/leads.
    • ​The "3 step formula" for your highlights that will create raving fans and passive leads/potential costumers from highlight visitors you get.
    • ​The secret formula that big players leverage on their theme pages to make thousands of followers from their caption game that turns readers into loyal followers and potential costumers.
    • ​An underground process that those big theme pages don't tell you because you can leverage it to steal their followers and potential customers WITHOUT spending a penny and WITHOUT having a single follower.
    • ​The closing strategy that actually works and turns your DM's into a "gold mine".
    • 11 ​Story hacks that will make sure you reach as many people as possible with your stories and win new followers from automated stories.
    • A checklist that you'll follow to go viral and that will boost your theme page to the maximum of reach so you will gain thousands of followers just from posting.
    • The whole untold truth about hashtags that big theme pages don't want you to know because it will get your hashtag reach to tens of thousands of impressions.
    • Easy and fast techniques to run a profitable online business if you stay behind the scenes of your theme page and even if you have no product.
    • ​Monetization secrets that allow you to sell what you want and while staying honest and loyal to your community.
    • The secret about positioning that 99% of the theme pages miss out on and lose thousands of potential clients because they don't leverage that it will make you stand out so you will be within the 1% that make 99% of the stacks.
    ​ And much more...
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    Theme Page Foundations

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    this is the proven and tested system that people like paul getter, tai lopez, garryvee, and countless more are using to generate a ton of sales.

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    The Fan Builder

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    The Big Picture

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    Who I Wrote The Theme Page Masterguide 3.0 for:

    I wrote the Theme Page Masterguide 3.0 because I wanted to make it possible for EVERYBODY  to build a profitable online business with Instagram™ theme pages.

    Simply because I know there are so many people out there who want to show you how to make money online...

    BUT they're programs are ineffective and unnecessarily complicated.

    I know this because I've tried so many of them!

    I want to give you the simplest way to build a profitable online business.

    So you can enjoy your life, go where you want, and only work if you want to.

    I want to get as many people as possible out of this system that killed my psyche.

    Simply because I know how blessed I am and It's time for me to give back and show others how to get the life they deserve.
    The Theme Page Masterguide 3.0 is for People who:
    • Know they deserve more and are hungry to get it.
    • ​Feel stuck in the system.
    • Have goals they want to achieve.
    • Already started but struggle and need a guideline.
    • ​Want to start now to change their lives.
    • ​Do not want to work until they're old.
    • ​Want to live life to the fullest.
    • ​Want to support their friends and/or Family.

    If you can relate to one or multiple of these points, click the button below now and go to step 2

    Remember you'll get:
    • Theme Page Foundations (Value $97).
    • Theme Page Skyscraper (Value $97).
    • ​Viral Bomb (Value: $350).
    • ​The Fan Builder (Value: $349).
    • ​The Big Picture (Value: $197).
    • ​The CPMA-System (Priceless) (Putting it at ONLY $997).

    NOT ENOUGH? If You join now you'll get all these FREE bonuses:

    • A FREE Shoutout.
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    • ​Theme Page Journey.
    • Content Creation Course.
    • ​60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

    Total Value: $2,087+
    You Get It ALL Today For:
    The Special Price Of: $5.95 

    Because I Would Have Wished For This When I started Out!

    (Can't be guaranteed after [#today: {medium}] !)

    FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions:
     Do I need tens of thousands of followers to generate sales?
    No, you don´t need tens of thousands of followers to make your first sales.

     You can start making sales with just a few hundred followers.

    One of my students gets a couple of high ticket clients every week with less than 1000 followers.
      I´m 12 years old.
       Does that matter? 
    No, it doesn´t. 

    Age is just a number. 

    If you put in the work and apply the strategies from the Theme Page Masterguide 3.0  then you´ll be successful.
     I don´t have any previous experience. Is that a problem?
    No, it´s not. In the Theme Page Masterguide 3.0 I´ll show you everything step-by-step from zero. 

    You don´t need any previous experience.
     When will I make my
     first sale? 
    It depends on you. 

    You can make the first sale within a week after getting it, I've had students like that, but it's totally in your own hands how fast you implement what you learn.
     What is the catch?
    Are there any hidden costs?

    It´s just a one-time payment. And that's it. 

    Apply the things that you´ll learn inside the Theme Page Masterguide 3.0 and then I look forward to hearing your success story.
     I´m not from the US. Can I be successful? 

     It doesn´t matter where you are from, I have students from all around the globe who are succeeding.
    “These earnings are not typical, and do not imply you'll duplicate them. There is no assurance you'll do as well!“ 

    But you have a full 60 day moneyback guarantee which he can leverage whenever he wishes.

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